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Im looking at getting rid of a couple of corals I have, the Kenya tree I havent cut yet but thatll be quick. Its about 7 inches tall when fully open. Id like to get 20 bucks for that. The Frogspawn is a 7 head branching one that prolly is about 4 by 4 inch square skeleton and much bigger when open. Id like to get 65 bucks for the Frogspawn but if you buy both Ill do em for 75 for the set.Im just trying to make room in the tank. I know I live north of most everyone but I am willing to work out meeting somewhere at a local fish store down state. The Kenya tree is the big one on the right is what Ill be cutting and tieing to a rock.
I can take better pictures 2moro
Prices dropped


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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