I have a number of frags in various sizes of Kenya tree ($5-15) and Pulsing Xenia ($5-15).

These will add some movement to a tank and the Kenya trees can add some height.

While these are easy care corals, if the parameters are right, they can grow very fast. Suggest keeping the Xenia on a island although it may still spread. Some reefers keep it in their sump for nutrient export but recommend an effective filter before returning the water to the display tank.

Unwanted growths of Xenia can be removed by gripping near the base with large tweezers and twisting it off the rock. At least that's what it showed on the web - I don't know if they will regrow from any remnants left on the rock.

If I haven't put you off, below are a couple of photos and I can add more of specific frags upon request.

Will discount heavily for anyone buying multiples.

Plant Blue Underwater Purple Marine invertebrates

Plant Purple Terrestrial plant Violet Grass