For sale are these items taking up needed space. Most of these items were lightly used and will come with all box contents as they were new. I would really like to get these items gone and am willing make great deals if interested so I will consider reasonable offers. 810 292 9764 Andrew

Kessil a360x refugium light, lightly used (2-3 months)in box $275

Carbon doser in box with check valve lightly used(1yr)$225

Co2 tanks 20 lb full unused$125
5lb empty $50 best deals ever

Kamoer fx-stp2 lightly used(1 yr) inbox $225

Nextreef commercial monster skimmer w/sicce psk1000 impeller pump. The pump is a little more than a year old. Of course the body has no cracks (3/8” acrylic) and the uniseals were replaced about 2 years ago. This skimmer has worked flawlessly for well over 800g and is an absolute tank. Give away deal at $275

Geos reef 818 calcium reactor like new half full media w/check valve and gate valve. Used for a year , runs silently unless co2 is being injected- sicce syncra pump $700 new a steal at $450

Nextreef mr1 xl media reactor. Has 1/4” push fittings but with come with a pair of barb fittings as well. About 22 inches tall depending on fittings $50

Also have a handful of good working jeboa dc return pumps $25 ea text for details on these

Hundreds of pounds of dry rock. At least a 100g and a half of another100g tote full of basketball sizes and another 100g full of cantaloupe sizes and smaller and maybe 4-5 5g pals full of rubble, frag plug and tiles and pieces that were cut down for propagation. Would really like to make one purchaser a super deal, if you and a buddy wanna split it ?? Just want to get it gone. Say 4-500ish lbs and for the rules $275?obo bring your containers 😬

I will bring a power supply and bucket of water to meetups to provide functionality verification