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As alot of people know we hold our Events 2x a year --once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter..
WE ARE CONFIRMED :) time to start getting geared up :)
EVERYONE'S welcome ..
We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party...
..Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 4:00 pm.. Admission is $5.00 each (unless you are a member of the Ladies frag swapping club) kids 15 and under are free..
FREE -- food,drinks,snacks will be provided as long as we have it--first come first served ..lol All food and drinks will be donated by the Ladies of the club.
There will be giveaways,raffles...vendors .. bring your own corals to trade and sell and just have fun...
Not just for the Ladies .. EVERYONE'S welcome .. feel free to call me with Any questions about the Frag Party or if you're interested in being a vendor~~spots fill up quick..now is the time to get on the list ..My number is 574-607-1855 Thank you Ann
Cost for vendors is $30.00 and you may have as many tables as needed at NO extra cost... no limits on water volume,electricity etc..

ASAP Stickers
Sponsor Sample Bags
ReefBug Complete Sample
Reef Hobbists Magazines
Marine Aquarist Magazines
Blue Facts Comic Book About Blue Tangs
FREE to the little ones while they last -- coloring Ocean printouts and crayons ..
FREE hand crocheted Octopi for the little ones 10 and under
Anyone that comes in at 7am to help with setting up of tables and helping the vendors set up will get 5 FREE Raffle Tickets :)
Vendors please remember to bring your own extension cords and power strips :)

Courtesy of Ladies Frag Swapping Club~~EVERY Lady at the Party will receive one of our assorted necklaces :)
1 FREE Raffle Ticket with your paid admission !!

1. Mistress Corals
2. A Little Piece of Ocean
3.Green Bay Aquarium Society Club
4. Exstream Aquatix
5 .Ryti Reefs
6 .Art By Althea
8. Ladies Frag Swapping Club
9. Reefgrow/Infinity Corals
10. Lipservice by Mary
11. Cherry Corals
12. ZO-ZO's Corals
13. Coral Goods
14. The Zoanthid Garden
15. Nautical Enchantment Plus More
16. New Beginning Oils and More
17. Sherry's Sea Treasures a Vantel Pearls Independent Consultant
18. Beth's Pearls & Parties - Independent Vantel Pearls Consultant
19. Sunset Corals
20. Coloraddict Corals
21. AznNutty
22. CJ Corals
23. Mermaid's Cove
24. ReeferMadness
25. Dutch Family Reef
26. R&R Corals
27. Pink Zebra
28. Corals by BuK~~Justin VanNess
29. Ghrorick
30. Lakeshore Creations Etc.
31. MT Reefs
32. Robust Reefs
33. Summit City Coral

Raffle prizes have started coming in ..i will start listing them asap :)
1. BRS Pukani Dry Rock
2. BRS Pukani Dry Rock
3. BRS Pukani Dry Rock
4. BRS Pukani Dry Rock
5. BRS Pukani Dry Rock
6. Mike's Phyto will be sending us some Live Rotifers and Live Phytoplankton (Standard) and a couple T-Shirts
7. Mike's Phyto will be sending us some Live Rotifers and Live Phytoplankton (Standard) and a couple T-Shirts
8. SaltwaterAquarium.com Innovative Marine midsize skimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer
9. SaltwaterAquarium.com Innovative Marine Gourmet Grinder Pellet Flake Food Feeder
10. SaltwaterAquarium.com Innovative Marine ReefRack 102 Coral Frag Rack
11. CORAL Magazine 1 year subscription
12. Marine Depot AquaMaxx Prism LED Light Fixture 24-36 Inch – 48 Watts
13. Caribsea~ 1 quart of Life Rock Frag Zone
14. Caribsea~ 1 quart of Life Rock Frag Zone
15. V2O Aquarium Foods SET of 1- Fine Point Coral Feeder and 1-Wide Point Coral Feeder
16. Caribsea~16 oz CoralUp and 32 oz CoralUp B
17. Caribsea~16 oz CoralUp and 32 oz CoralUp B
18. Saltwater Aquarium.com~Bubble Magus Magnet Scraper (Large Blue)
19. Seachem Reef Pack™: Fundamentals
20. Milwaukee PH600 Pocket Tester with Case
21. Maxi-jet mj500 submersible pump 480L/H
22. Maxi-jet mj500 submersible pump 480L/H
23. Red Sea - Coral Colors ABCD supplement pack

1 Amazonas
2 A Little Piece Of Ocean
3 ASAP Aquariums
4 Blue Ocean Corals
5 Boston Aqua Farms
6 Bulk Reef Supply (BRS)
7 Caribsea
8 Central Aquatics-Home of AQUEON, CORALIFE, KENT & ZILLA brands
9 Coralplugs
10 Coral Magazine
11 Divine Aquatic Supply
12 Doradon
13 Ecological Laboratories,Inc.
14 Fluval
15 Hagen
16 HBH Pet Products
17 Hikari Aquatic
18 IcePackStore..com
19 LaBo's Aquatics
21 Michigan Corals LLC
22 MicroLift
23 Mike's Phyto
24 Mt Reefs
25 Nautical Enchantment Plus More
26 Oceans Wonders
27 Omega One
28 Polylabs
29 Quality Marine
30 Red Sea Fish
31 Reef Hobbyist Magazine
32 Reefbugs Complete
33 Saltwater Aquarium.com
34 Sera
35 Thrive
36 TLC-Products
37 United Pet Group/Spectrum Brands
38 Zoo Med Laboratories
39. Premium Aquatics
40. Seachem

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Day and Place

opps sorry thought i had the day and location , it's
Sunday November 12th in Sturgis Michigan
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