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Lady bugs

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Help I'm invested with lady bugs.
my reef aquarium is in my basement a beautiful site I must add sorry I'm back. Some how the ladies are getting in my basement and in to my aquarium I know they are attracted to the lights. over the last month I noticed 1 or 2 now 3,4,5 daily what can i do short of bombing my basement with a insectaside <<spelling spray, powder or something help help help

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You can buy a big fish that will eat them. :D

But more than likely you will have to do what I did this last fall.
Which was to buy some screen and enclose the canopy with it. Seal it up good.

Then find out where they are coming from and seal it up.

PS I would not use any sprays, at least not with all of the windows closed.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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