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Lady bugs

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Help I'm invested with lady bugs.
my reef aquarium is in my basement a beautiful site I must add sorry I'm back. Some how the ladies are getting in my basement and in to my aquarium I know they are attracted to the lights. over the last month I noticed 1 or 2 now 3,4,5 daily what can i do short of bombing my basement with a insectaside <<spelling spray, powder or something help help help

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They get in through the smallist cracks. My sister has a brand new house and she still gets them inside. Makes you wonder what else is getting in your house:confused:
The ones that bite are related to Japenese bettles. They are a pain. If you have any holes in siding, windows, pipes through the walls of the house, etc., they will get in. I use to deal with them in construction. They get between the siding and work through the walls. They probably won't hurt anything in the tank though. Might be a good source of food.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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