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I have one 120-gallon glass tank available~$175
Also, one 100-gallon Long glass tank available~$125

The 120 is in EXCELLENT condition!
The 100-Long isn't pretty, but is water-tight.
Buy both and I'll throw in a not-so-pretty (but usable)
iron stand that will hold both tanks for FREE!

Both tanks are 72"x18" footprint.

I'm offering them here first, they will be listed on AquaBid this weekend.

I also have a 110-High combo I want gone before I decide to set it up....consists of a 48"x18"x30"H glass tank, iron stand, U/G filter, gravel, glass top, submersible heater, and a power filter....tank needs a good scrubbing, so I'm pricing it to sell~$150

Pick up near Detroit Metro Airport or limited delivery area for additional fee.
E-mail questions to [email protected]

All tanks are tentatively spoken for.
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