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LED forsale! ALL SOLD!!

LED forsale! barely 7 months old, E3G Series 50x3W => 150W LED with lens 2 cords
These LED's are currently running on my 125G DT. I Just order the Ecotech Radion XR30w !! Should have them in a few days, very excited!

Therefore the current LED's on my DT will be up for sale!

History on these LED's: Purchase these LED's (NEW) back in August 2011 from Wingo LED a vendor on Manhattanreefs. (these are barely 7 months - less than a year).
Wingo LED as been involved in the LED industry for more than 5 yrs. If any of you read Reef Builders, there are articles and information about Wingo LED. Here is a link to one of his articles. Click here
Lights are on 2PM and off at 11PM There is NO scratches, dents, cracks or rust! They are in perfect condition. Looks new, and still have the box for each of them. There is absolutly nothing wrong with the LED's, I just want to try these ecotech radion. So you know back in August I had a major crash because of a power outage due to Hurrican Irene, basically lost everything, but a few piece came back to life and sigificant growth due to these LED's. Best investment!!
50x3W => 150W LED with lens ~464x124x70mm (~ 19" x 5" x 3 1/4")
50/50) 12,000K and Royal Blue, BridgeLux diode
Original Purchase $368 each
Buy 1 unit $250 shipped
Buy 2 units $225 each
All 3 units $600 plus $25 for shipping

LED's ON!!

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wolverine57 said:
ALL LED's SOLD! Mod will you please close this thread! Thank you!
You can mark this thread Sold by using the drop Down in thread tools, we have made this a self service option to all members in the selling threads
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