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LED upgrade

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hello, i have a 55g tank im thinking about upgrading to led's..its 24" deep and 48" long..ive been reading about leds but im unsure about some things..i went to reefbreeders and was wondering if i would need two of their setups due to the length of the tank or if one would work and give light to the entire tank? any sugestions or help would be appreciated..thanks

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I think that you would need two because of the length (48") but you might be able to get away with one if it is high enough above the tank but I think two would work the best. You can dim them to adjust the brightness (which you will need to do) so you can get to exactly what you need.
yeah you would need 2 but if you ask them for a quote for a longer 1 they will give you one so you can use 1 fixture
on their website it seems that they only have 2 dif setups..they would be able to make one longer to fit my tank?

You will need two but make sure that you start the lights High or have dimming capability. They are very powerful and will bleach your corals quickly. You will need to light acclimate them.
yeah they can make 1 to fit your tank they have ebay store just send the question thru there they reply very fast
items in reefbreeders store on eBay!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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