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Lets see your ghetto pics!!

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Alright everyone-enough of the I spent Blah,Blah,Blah money on the newfangled bestest there is setup!!
I wanna see the most embarrassing cheap do it yourself hack it up and make it work stuff!
I'll start off with the BEAUTIFUL sump/fuge for my 180 reef,prominantly displayed on the floor in my livingroom next to my tank! Please notice the incredible rusty hemostats clipped onto the amazing all purpose plastic zip tie witch holds the effluent drip line from the calcium reactor. Also take note of the gallon picklejar that sits below and precariously holds the ph probe!!
Lets all have some fun with this! I showed you mine now show me yours!
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Oh I see!
Everyones chicken!!

Come on now-it's good to show the new people they dont have to spend a fortune for all that fancy stuff to have a nice reef. Yeah it's nice but there's other ways to do things.
And it's fun to figure out how and experiment. So lets see some pics or at least some good descriptions if you dont have pics.
My 29 gallon is currently on cinder blocks (no stand). Its a "temporary" setup!

Of course as Red Green says..."Its temporary, unless of course it works."

I'll see if I can get a picture of it...
jimsflies said:

Of course as Red Green says..."Its temporary, unless of course it works."

Isnt that the truth!!
One of my late Fathers favorite sayings was "if it ain't broke-don't fix it"
Here I was hopoing to get some ideas off this thread. People to concerened with appeartances? Chickens!!!
I could say that im too cheap to buy a stand for my nano. Actually i dont know if it was being cheap, low on money, lazy, convienent, or resourceful but its on my safe next to my bed....it doesn't look too bad and i never used that safe anyhow. but hey its nice when i cant sleep at night and when i wake up in the morning, all i do is roll on my side and stare at the tank for a while.

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Looks like its just the right size-definately strong enough to hold it!
If Robin or I post a picture here we will compromise the Bat Cave security.

Sorry DIBerlin, but , no can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch the evening sky for the Bat Signal tonite.

You can sleep soundly knowing that we use many of the same house hold items for our set up as yourself. I mean Bat Cave items...:D :D :D :cool:

I just bought a used skimmer from Pruess on Sunday, and did not want another pump in my sump to push water into the skimmer. It a turbofloater1000. I have a mag 9 running my return and a dual external overflow. I used one of the overflow tubes and plumbed in into a pvc T in the bottom of the sump. From there I put 2 90's on the T, one with a stand of about 8" to feed into the skimmer and then one stand about 22" tall that is then causing water head pressure into the skimmer and the over flow feeds my refugium. The fuge then empties back into the sump. Seems to be doing a great job, getting a lot of gunk out of my tank.

I will try to post pics in the next few days.
My tank has been like this for over a year. But new I'm to the point were I would like to get a new system going


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It has also been noted that the alleged picture of the Chicken is a fake. Be very careful DIberlin. The Chicken is a not so distant realitive to the penquin. If you don't want eggs all over the road delete it from all your files immediatly. Holy Chicken **#%$ Bat man your right said Robin.

Now who has bats in there bellfree Batman solves another crime.

JUST HAVING SOME FUN :D ;) ;) :p :cool:

Some times we take life to seriously and well we need to laugh and have fun with one another besides Robin and I never joke. He's to busy tending his nest. See you tonight at midnight look to the northern skies I'll be there protecting you.

You usaully get at least a good chuckle out of me, if not an outrite laugh!



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