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Here is my 2 cents.
Solomon Seas- Rare stuff on occasion, very well cared for stock, very knowledgeable owners, I don't think they will be getting a shipment until 2nd week of January. One of my favorites.
Located on Chicago Drive right by Wilson.
Ecco Reef- Lots of stock, nice owner. Located in Zeeland. My 2nd favorite.
Chow Hound-Not a whole lot of stock, but what he gets is good, and he takes good care of it. Located on 28th and Eastern.
The pet shop- Breton and 28th- A decent place, has some decent stock.
Local VI pets- Roll the dice, lots of fish, some corals. I have a hard time keeping fish alive that I get from there.

I hear aquatic expressions in Hastings is nice. I have never made it down there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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