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Lg. Blue chalice frags FREE

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I've got a large colony of blue chalice (looks very similar to monti cap) that I want/need to trim down. I will have several large frags... on the order of 3-5" long and 2-3" wide, give or take. This is an awesome coral but I have had it for a long time so it's getting quite large.

I'll give out frags for FREE... that's $0. I will allow you to throw a frag my way as a trade but you don't have to.

Pick up only... unless you are trading... seems fair to me. If you really want pics, PM me and I will text one to you. Or just look it up online.
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I drive by Livonia daily on my way home from work. Sure would like a frag. Just starting out so only got GSP I can trade, hopefully in a year I'll have a nice variety. LMK if interested in some.
saltwatertaylor, Located in Livonia... should say that in the right corner.

fishnerd1, what is GSP... green star polyp? Thanks but no thanks (it spreads like crazy). I'm fine to simply give you a frag.

PM me for more information if you guys would like frags.
Still have plenty of blue chalice left to frag. Gotta make my colony smaller and get your colony started on the right foot!
I wish you lived closed, i could of traded you something.
I would like a frag. When can I come by to pick up? I don't have anything to trade. The only coral I have is also the green star polyps.
Can I swing by Friday? I need some blue. I will trade you one hug and a beer. (I don't have any colonies to frag, but you're close so I'll keep you on the top of my short list of people I owe)

I'd love a piece if you have some left.

I'll send a PM with my number in case you do.

Like a frag also

Hi i would like a frag if ou have any left i need some blue in my tank also i will pm you my number im on vacation until monday so i can work with your scheadule
I will trade you one hug and a beer
Ha! I just read this post. Hilarious. I've still got some blue chalice that I can frag.

I apologize if I have missed some posts. Please PM me if you'd like to get a frag. They will all be fresh "cut".
Thanks for the nice frags. Will let you know how they do.
Thanks again! Dont forget if your up my way Ill get you some zoas.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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