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Hey, my 75 should be set up pretty soon. I was trying to figure how i would do the ligthing schedule. Right now i will have 4 4' vhos 2 atinics and 2 50/50's. But i will be purchasing 2 250watt mh's, and im going to get 2 15k coralvue bulbs. I was wondering what i should for my lighting? Because this time around i definity want the bulbs to go gradually on and off.

I was thinking pull either both the 50/50's off or 1 50/50 and one atinic or just try and make room for all and the the metal halides. Because i only want to keep my metal halides on somewhere between 3 to 5 hours a day. Not the full day? Any suggestions on a lighting schedule? Or just what bulbs i should use?
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