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I was thinking of going from my aquaticlife t5 which I***8217;ve always had. to aquaticlife LED edge reef lights. And suggestion on which way to go ?
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this question doesn't supply enough info about you would be doing with this light to make a reasonable decision . but with a little research I quickly came to conclude that in "most" reef applications this light is most lightly a downgrade in the amount of usable light versus your t5 . that is depending on how many bulbs, what kind of bulbs as well as the type of ballast your using. just because its "led" does not make it a better light.
an easy way to put it is to say no ! no it will not work ! however it will put light in your tank. again maybe enough to keep some stuff alive it MIGHT even grow some things. could this light replace your current 4 bulb t5, in my opinion NO not ever. you could compare this light to some of those 3m backed rubber coated led strip lights. there are many other options available for lighting in the $200 range.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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