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Moving Sale. All prices negotiable. UPDATED PRICES... ALL MUST GO!!

1. Wavepoint T5 HO 24" 4 bulb 96Watt ($50) 3/4 bulbs working, 4th fixture tested today and works used

2. 25 pound bulk base rock(20$)

3. Nano cube 28g 150W HQI fixture with ballast with nanotuners dual 18w actinic upgrade used(100$)

4. Nano cube 28g cabinet stand NIB(50$)

5. Nano cube 28g tank only used(25$)

Would be willing to bundle nano-cube stand/tank/lights for right price!

6. Mighty Might Air water and ice 4stage compact RO/DI unit with replaceable DI resin container(20$) filters previously used
Includes 3 additional sediment and 1 carbon filters(filters possibly used)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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