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This is a brand new, still in the shipping box, Lifereef skimmer model VS3-36. Lifereef is, at least in my opinion, the best skimmer on the market. I have been using one for 3 years and after using many other types, including Reef octopus, I would use no otherl

FEATURES GALORE! No other protein skimmer has all these features:

ANY PUMP YOU WANT TO USE!: Wavelines, Vectra, WaterBlasters, MagDrive, BlueLine, Little Giant, Iwaki, Jebao, ANY PUMP YOU WANT.
SET AND FORGET, that practically sums up the "effort" you will have with a Lifereef skimmer and of course emptying the collection cup.
NO SALT-CLOGGED VENTURI, or injector nozzles, Lifereef skimmers utilize a self-cleaning venturi system.
NO out-of-balance #$?#[email protected] or mesh-wheels causing wearing and pump wear and pump replacement.
NO STINK, NO ODOR, NO SMELL! Since the air is recirculated within the skimmer none of the stinky odors will foul your home.
NO SUCKING or WHISTLING NOISES, silent operation, no injector nozzle noise, no out-of-balance needle-wheel noises.
NO EXCESS BUBBLES in your sump or aquarium.
NO CONSTANT ADJUSTMENTS, the self-cleaning venturi prevents water level fluctuations and maintains consistent air/water mixing.
LESS CUP OVERFLOW, the self-cleaning and venturi prevents the cup from overflowing.
NO special waste collector required, the collection cup is a waste collector, not a diverter cup as in many other protein skimmers.
NO ERRATIC PERFORMANCE, the self-cleaning venturi maintains a stable water level and skimming.
NO AGGRESSIVE OR HARSH skimming as in downdrafts, high-speed aeration, nozzle injectors, Becketts, or !*#&*!-wheels
LESS SENSITIVITY to "hands-in-water" foam breakdown, faster foam recovery time.
ONE ADJUSTMENT required for the gate valve to set skimmer water level.
NO MAINTENANCE except emptying the cup and cleaning sludge from the skimmer and cup neck!
YES, it can be used with ozone and all parts are ozone safe. (separate ozone tubing kit required)
YES, outside air can be plumbed to the venturi for pH issues.
NO TEARDOWN maintenance required to keep skimmer operating at optimum performance.
CONVERTIBLE INSTALLATIONS: Though the skimmers have different model numbers for in-sump or external sump it is the same skimmer, just a few different fittings and of course the pump.
MORE CONTACT TIME means better skimming, better water quality.
PLANKTON FRIENDLY!!! Needle, mesh, pin-wheel skimmers destroy plankton and copepods. Conventional water pumps do not.
REDUCED NEED OR COMPLETE REMOVAL of bio-pellet reactors.
ZEOVIT friendly, the recommended for those using the Zeovit system.
NO OBSOLESCENCE, a Lifereef protein skimmer is a protein skimmer for the life of your hobby and will be fully supported with parts if ever needed.

$475 plus shipping.


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