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Live rocks and fish

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Yellow tang medium/ large 50
Yellow tank medium/large 50
Blue hippo medium 60
Tomini tang 60
Mandarin goby 20
Yellow head sleeper goby 20
Lunar wrasse large 75
250 pound live rocks 1 dollar a pound if u buy all or 1.50 a pound if you don***8217;t buy all. Some rocks have leather cabbages on it
Sailfin tang medium 30
7348190672 text if interested
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Every fish is sold !!! 150 pounds live rock left
Hey ill take that live rock! I Have to set up the tank first so if you dont sell it in a few days ill take it. I need to find a return pump and skimmer as well
I have skimmer return pump and live rocks. I have a bunch of stuff abailable. Let me know. Please text me 7348190672. Inhardly look at the message. Texting is best way to get ahold of me faster
wanted the Rock, Just bought this house and are moving in bummer. Timing well what do you have for skimmer I have a 180 is it big enough
Inhave a nice reef octopus 2000 Akimmer This came from a 180 gallon tank heavy bioload. Text me 7348190672
Ill take the live rock

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never mind i see now sorry
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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