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Live rocks and fish

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Yellow tang medium/ large 50
Yellow tank medium/large 50
Blue hippo medium 60
Tomini tang 60
Mandarin goby 20
Yellow head sleeper goby 20
Lunar wrasse large 75
250 pound live rocks 1 dollar a pound if u buy all or 1.50 a pound if you don***8217;t buy all. Some rocks have leather cabbages on it
Sailfin tang medium 30
7348190672 text if interested
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Hey ill take that live rock! I Have to set up the tank first so if you dont sell it in a few days ill take it. I need to find a return pump and skimmer as well
wanted the Rock, Just bought this house and are moving in bummer. Timing well what do you have for skimmer I have a 180 is it big enough
Ill take the live rock

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never mind i see now sorry
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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