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Livestock - Free to a Good Home - Need Gone by Monday June 10th.

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Sold/Goven - Livestock - Free to a Good Home

I need to shut down the tank, so the following are free to a good home - I can't work with the tank much so has been in maintenance - if you want it you will need to bring your own buckets/containers. First to come and collect takes the lot - needs to be collected today, tomorrow or Monday (8th-10th).

15-20lb of live rock + sand. Some nice good sized pieces with cool structure and some dead SPS structures as well. Not going to lie, there is some nuisance aptasia, a few bristles and algae.
3 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones
Neon Candy Cane, Blue candy cane.
Orange Riccordea
Green Favia (not in the best shape)
Lord Howe Acans (not in the best shape but with care could easily come back - its a big colony).
Other possible Corals - to be honest, I'm not sure whats still doing ok, but there may be a few other gems in there that could be recovered.
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I can pick up late Sunday (like 9pm) or Monday after 5 if still available.

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I can come today if still available. About 20 minutes away
Livestock is gone. Thanks for the interest folks.
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