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All livestock is gone so it is time to sell off all of my equipment. This first batch of equipment is pickup only as they are large and/or heavy pieces.

150 gal tank and stand (72x24x20)- $400

Aquatinics Constelation 72" fixture (14x39w)- $400

135 gal sump that is drilled for a 2" bulkhead and has dividers for half of it to be a frag tank.- $75

Water mixing station (2x 55 gal barrels plumbed to a Mag 9.5)- $75

Current Nova Extreme T5 fixture (6x39w)- $75

QT setup (40 breeder tank, HOB filter, bakpak skimmer, hydor and maxijet mod pumps for flow, homemade stand, 2 bulb light fixture and a heater.)- $100

Misc salt, supplements, etc- $75

The next items are listed with shipping included in the pricing.

Reeflo Blackfin 3600- $150

Reeflo Dart with an extra brand new seal $150

Apex with head unit, 2 EB8's, an EB4, an older style power bar (4 outlets), breakout box, probes, all cables and probes and : float switches- $500

2 MP40's with upgraded QD drivers- $175 each.

MP 40 gen 2- $140

2 MP 10wES- $140 each

3 BRS dosing pumps (1.1 ml/min)- $35 each

Vertex 3.0 L zeovit reactor- $125

BRS dual carbon/GFO reactor- $25

Any questions please ask. PM me or contact me at (269) 519-6751. Thanks for looking.

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MP40's BRS reactor and BRS dosing pumps sold.

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