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Premium Aquatics is open to the public this Saturday 10.5.19 and we have a LOT of fish in at great deals!* You have got to come in and check out some of these bright colored fish we have in stock right now.* There are plenty of gorgeous gobies, blennies, tangs, and wrasse up for grabs this week.* If you are looking for something yellow and shiny to be the star of your reef, this is the weekend to stop in!* Check out the highlights below and click the link for the full report....see you Saturday!


The Yellow Stars of the Reef
Yellow Angel
Yellow Tangs
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Yellow Dottyback
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Midas Blenny
One Spot Foxface

Other New Additions
Bi-color Blennies
Tailspot Blennies
Timor Wrasse
Green Sided Jawfish
Orange Spotted Goby
Blood Shrimps
Coral Banded Shrimp
Red Stripe Eibli Angle
Green Chromis
Klausewitz Blenny
Sailfin Tangs
Lots of new clean up crew added this week!

The tanks are absolutely packed to the gills this weekend.* We have the lowest fish prices around, so stop in and take some of these beauties home!

Deals and Steals
> Powder Blue Tangs - Only two available this week at $39.99 each!!* WOW
> Katherine's Female Wrasse - a beauty at $39.95 and only TWO available
> Lunate Female Wrasse - another stunner and only $44.95 this weekend!
> Aqua-cultured Bangaii Cardinal's are on SALE at only $14.99 each

> ALL corals are 25% off this weekend (no loyalty punch on top of this unless you have $25 in NON-sale fish)
> Select refrigerated foods will be at the register this weekend at HALF OFF, yep...that is 50% off of retail price on some of your favorite foods
> We have some PA copepods left that are ready for new homes too....and at $18.99 you can't beat that for 1,200 count.* Grab yours in the wine frig nearest the garage door.

The warehouse is also loaded with great deals on open box and clearance items.* Click the link below for great ways to save on your favorite items for reefing.* When you stop in check out the deals and steals rack - Brandon is making some great deals if you buy more than one this Saturday!!* If you can't save big money this weekend then you are not looking hard enough!!* See you this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm.

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