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Premium Aquatics is on fire these last few weeks with some awesome livestock for the local hobbyists!* We are open AGAIN this Saturday 12/7/19 with a really nice selection of corals, inverts, and fish for all.* There are some really cool finds this week in our showroom including Guam Chromis, sexy shrimp trio, a Red Linckia Starfish, a pink and yellow cucumber, acropora colonies, acan colonies and so much more.* Check out some of the highlights below and stop out and see us this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm.

Great Swimmers
Female Swallowtail Angel - REEF SAFE!
Green Sided Jawfish - uncommon fish
Guam Chromis - not your average damsel
Bicolor Angels
Yellow and Purple Wrasse
Adorned Orange Lined Wrasse
Blue Sapphire Damsels - eats flatworms!
Scissortail Goby Trio
Flameback Angel

Cool Inverts
Pink and Yellow Sea Cucumber - Super Cool!
African Red Tip Starfish
Red Linckia - not your average blue starfish
Tigertail Cucumber
Red Tuxedo Urchin - algae monster
Yellow Coral Banded Shrimp
Rose Bubble tips
Lots of Cleaner Shrimp!*
Clean up Crew replenished
And lots more!

Corals Galore
Rasta Torches - WOW!
Indo Torch
Yellow Tip Elegance
Aussie Elegance*
Acan Colonies
Acropora Colonies
Duncans and more

If you were not able to make it in over the last few weeks, do not worry!* We have some great stock in this weekend just for you!* Stop in and see us this weekend, right here at our own piece of the ocean, in Edinburgh.* We strive to have the lowest prices on livestock around....and the best selection of dry goods as well.* Come in and see for yourself this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm.

Livestock List:

As always we have our Sale and Clearance items that can be found below. So many ways to save on reefing here at Premium Aquatics. Make sure to check out the discount rack in front of the entrance before you shop for livestock. There are plenty of deals there as well as damage box salt and sand up front.
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