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Premium Aquatics would like to wish all of our reefing friends and family a happy holiday week!* We have definitely had a great week here at the shop.* Thank you all for your orders during our 4th of July sale in our fully stocked warehouse...and now it is time to offer those savings up in our livestock showroom for Saturday!**

That is right, we now have 15% off of any in stock*fish or corals this Saturday 7/7 from 12pm to 3pm.* So this is a great time to stop in and take advantage of the extra savings.* (already discounted livestock and super specials not included)

Check out the highlights below and click the link for the full availability:

New Arrivals
Bicolor Angel
Purple Tang - Super Special $89.99 and only 1 available!
Canary Blennies
6 Line Wrasse
Lawn Mower Blennies
Bangaii Cardinals
$19 Cleaner Shrimp

Last Week's Standouts
Orange Striped Bristletooth
Peacock Toby Puffer
Aptasia Eating Filefish
Pink Tip Elegance Coral
Metallic Green Carpet Anenome
Tongan Corals
Orange Yuma Ricordia Frags
Beautiful Mini/Maxi Nems
Pictus Blenny
Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish
Cream Angel

We hope to see you this weekend to celebrate our extended livestock 4th of July savings!* See you there 7/7/18 from 12pm to 3pm!!
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