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Local Reef and Fish Stores in Michigan?

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How about we start a list of all of the local reef and fish stores around lower Michigan. Then we can leave feedback for each one and have a nice list for those of us, like me, who are not familiar with most of the stores.

Ok, most everyone knows of Pruess' Animal House in Haslet near East Lansing.

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DEEP BLUE REEFS There i said it,A sponser to boot please support our sponsers.;)
that is it thanks. Yeah chris is the man! LOL he has alot of good look clams to! Don't take that the wrong way
Hey Dan(chowderhead), This thread was strated over a year ago and someone just brought it back up. That's why DBRs wasn't mentioned, they weren't around yet.
All right I got the go ahead from my budy to spread the word of his business.

He was part owner of the reef shop on division until the rent went sky high. But anyways he has over a 3,000gal system in his place and sell almost anything that you want. Mainly helping people start there tanks. Which he does a great job of. Cheap too.

He will talk to you honestly and tell your options instead of trying to sell everything that he has in stock. (not saying that all LFS does) I have just had some bad experiences with some.

But anyways if you want to check it out, he is by apointment only right now. His place is called ADVANCED ECOSYSTEMS.

It's in Grandville Michigan. Not more than 1/2 hour from Grand Rapids area.

If you would like a phone# to setup a time with him PM me and I'll give you the number.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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