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Long Hair Algae Eater?

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What's the best long hair algae eating fish/invert? I Have a mexican turbo (he's a monster) but he wont eat this, seems too long. Maybe a Tang or something? When I say long I mean like 1-3" long hair. It's weird and I want it gone.

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You need a green sea hare. Not the pretty black spotted ones, but one of the brownish/green ones. They will mow down hair algae and clean a tank in less than a week. Then you need to figure out what is causing your high phosphates in your tank that is feeding the hair algae, and get rid of it.

Sometimes you need to give the hair algae a haircut first. I don't think even a sea hare will be able to eat 3" long algae. Cut it down to like 1/2" length using scissors and throw away what you cut off.

Many shops will sell you the sea hare for $30, then allow you to return it for $15-$20 so someone else can "rent" it. In this way they stay alive in captivity and don't die once the hair algae food source runs out. Some people have claimed to have success feeding them sheet Nori algae (Sushi), but I have never had one eat it.

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I've addressed the phosphate/nitrate issue I was having. I swapped substrates and went through a massive cycle. Many water changes and weeks later and my levels are back to normal. I will have to give it a good "trim" maybe that's why my Turbo wont eat it. He cleaned out my nano in two days when that one had it, maybe it's just too long. Never really thought about that lol I'll see if I can find one of those sea hares, thanks!
the best algae eater i have ever seen is a Cowrie. it will consume everything including Bryopsis, but not bubble al.
they will eat extra food on the gravel if that is all that is available. i have had mine in my reef tank for years!
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