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longnose hawk not feeding

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I had a problem with my tank a couple weeks ago. I posted a note here and got some good feedback. I think what happened is when I added a new power head, it circulated junk on the bottom and screwed up my water chemistry.

I lost a tang the first day. My longnose hawk looked very stressed, but appears to be back to normal behavior. He used to come to the surface when I poured in thawed mysis shrimp. Now, he swims up, but is not feeding on any of the shrimp. He is starting to look thin now and I am afraid I am going to lose him if I can't get him back on the feed.

Any suggestions for getting him going again?
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...Any suggestions for getting him going again?
I have no personal experience with this fish but a quick google suggested live brine. Sorry your fish isn't doing well.

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