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Look what I found !!!!

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Just completed a 6 week major overhaul on my entire system from top to bottom. Did a little tweaking on my system last Tuesday before my lights came own when all of a sudden, something............, I have absolutely no idea what is was, came swimming across my tank like a bullet. I mean the thing was fast as lighting. It was 1 inch long with a neon pink oval head and a yellow eel-like tail. It was swimming for sure. It swam across the full lenght of the tank at the water line, then it made the same loop at mid-tank level and then it darted back into a rock. I have never heard, read or seen anything remotely like this. It blew me away because it had the same colors as a Diadema, but I am 200 % sure it was a fish. It didn't have a dorsal or pectoral fin. I haven't seen it again. By the way, the tail was ribbon like, just like an eel.

Searched all of my books and the net and nothing even comes close to it. Anyone with an idea what it is? When it comes to my zoos, I have to know what is living in my tank before I have to pull out the 40 cal.

Mucho, Smith & Wesson
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rscdragon I also seen that post, I was cracking up just reading it!

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