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Looking for computer to run reef program

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As it says doesnt need to be fancy 900mhz or better is fine cd PLAYER at least 30 mg hard drive got anything ? or let me know if yu have something close and price

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Too bad you didn't post this last night i just ripped out my power supply and cut ALL the wires to everything!!! I'm using the PS to run my fans on my new canopy I made.

I purchased a used dell laptop to run aquanotes on. Connected it to a wireless system I use with all the other computers in my house. Think I paid around 400 at Computer Works in Keego Harbor. You might want to check into something like that. Needed to get a modem card to have it call my beeper. Good luck
I have a compaq 1230 laptop... It's old and I would give to you for practically nothing.. at least for a frag of something.

You can look up the specs on www.compaq.com.

let me know if your interested..
greenb you have PM anyone else w/a desktop /
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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