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NanoRyans Planted Fresh Water swamp

Hey guys, after a very long time out of the hobby, i've made my return back to fish keeping. Some time next year i plan on getting back in to SW, but for now you guys get this.

Tank Specs
  • Setup Date: 4-14-19
  • Tank Size: 55g
  • Water Volume: approx 35g
  • Substrate: Thin layer of gravel. Planning on adding more
  • Lighting: 4ft T-8 basement lighting (Planning on upgrading)

  • Tank Style: Swamp/Lagoon planted with top water and floaties.
  • Planned Decorations: All natural. Rocks, sticks, plants, driftwood. No pre-made decorations or plastic plants. Except a skull x_x
  • Planned Fish: Small Livebearers, and some other small species.
  • Planned Fish Count: Heavy. Cant put a number to this.
  • Planned Inverts: Crayfish, shrimp, snails.
  • Top water Plants: duckweed, water lilies, water cabbage, and some other floaters.
  • Submerged Plants: To be honest, idk. Whatever looks good.

Note: This photo was taken before i removed 75% of the duckweed, a bi-weekly ritual now.

Current Stock List
(1) Common Snapping Turtle - Chompy
(2) Red Belly River Cooters - Sam & Ela

(8) pairs of adult guppies, about many many juveniles and babies.
(1) pair of black mollies, with the male being the lone survivor from the very beginning moments of the tank.
(4) Flag fish bought as fry.
(2) Neon Tetras
(1) Pleco Algae Eater (although i dont think he does anything)

(1) Lightning white Lobster - The Night King
(1) Rabbit Snail - Rabbit
(2) Giant Rams horn Snails

Most Recent video to post

This tank started off as just an upgrade for my sons turtle. We received a captive hatched common snapping turtle from a buddy some time around august of last year (2018). Shortly after receiving him, my son dubbed him "Chompy" and i started building plans in my head. Fast forward 8 months, one large critter keeper and we have our first upgrade, a 55g tank that's been waiting to be used. The plan was to give chompy as natural of a setting as possible. I knew i wanted to go planted, and i knew it was gonna be a mess. What this has become amazes me to the point were i sit in front of the tank for at least 2 hours a day just staring.

More updates will be coming shortly!

Thank you for reading.

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We set up the tank! My son picked out some black gravel with neon glow rocks. We added a large piece of driftwood i've had in my rock garden for 3 years, and we threw in some plastic plants to fill the emptiness. Unfortunately i made some bad mistakes. Rookie mistakes when i should have known better. I foolishly added a handful of rosies, a catfish, some mollies, and i forget the rest. The tank had water for roughly a few hours before fish were added. Note: i've had fish tanks my entire life, but have been out of the fish hobby for roughly 8 years now. The only fish to survive the heavily chemical water of redford was my male molly.

Tha tank has been heavily updated. We've removed everything that's not natural (besides the skull my algae eater loves). Everyone is growing happily, and i made a couple changes to how the tank looks.
After a quick feeding session, we watched the night king move to a tactical position were it looks like he's been before. He grabbed a baby turtle by his foot, wrestled him into the rest of his claws, and quickly started running backwards pulling the turtle in to his cave. I immediately threw my hand in the tank, and dang near crushed him while reaching into the cave to pull him out. He was tugging the turtle from me, very adamant at eating this little guy.

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