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Lots of stuff, looking for LPS/SPS trades!!

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Back story on how i get this stuff:

As much as i am into reefing, im even more into the FW side of things. I breed/grow out a lot of different stuff. I trade 90% of this stuff into stores/other locals for the stuff below. Its that time where i have a nice pile of stuff, some i dont need and some i am willing to part with to stock up a new tank that is ready to go.

What im looking for:
Some palys, or even zoas.

What I have:

Quiet one 4000 - New in box

Hamilton 21" LED flexible strip light, Actinic/blue color. Used, but looks new. I never installed it, i just laid it on some glass for a week and didnt really like the moonlight idea.

Liquid Reef 17oz - 3 available
Restore 17oz - 3 available
Medicoral 1oz - 1 available
CoralAmino 1oz - 1 available
MegaAmino 1oz- 1 available
Lugols 2 oz - 1 available
Vitamarin M 4 oz - 4 available
Vitamarin C 4 oz - 4 available
Phosphate R - 2 available
C-Balance - 4 available

Eshopps coral viewer - New

32 watt PC x 3 pendant (yes square pin PC bulbs, which are included) new, but dusty

4 - Sen 700 pumps. All are brand new, but all are missing impellers (stolen @ the store).

Details here :SEN 700 Water Pump by Won Brothers - AquaCave

Impellers here: Amazon.com: Sen 700GA Replacement Impeller: Pet Supplies

Do you need some plumbing parts?

Angstrom 4 watt inlinne UV, no pump but it is brand new

10 gallon desk canopy and stand:

I dont have the tank or any of the equipment besides the canopy, mini stand and retro kit pictured. You will also get teh 2x55 watt PC retro kit i used with this setup, a bit rusty from the years of use but it all works great and looks great on the outside.

Awesome book, like new. Great photos, and great to use when picking out your next addition.

36" 4x36 watt PC (straight pin, bulbs included). This is aluminum, external ballast, very thing. Works/looks great.

Other stuff to be added later as i find it, and remember it :D Please post here, my inbox is busy/full most of the time.
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Also adding a Hydor Performer 400 skimmer. $350 new from Fosters and Smith. $200 from me. I won it a few years back in an auction but never used it.
I just found a 48" 4x36 watt PC light i have. Its darkwood, very thin and looks nice. Still looking to trade.

Also thanks Barry! Great guy to deal with!

I am interested in the viewer. do you have better pics of it. also are you going to the swap? if you are we could do the trade there! if not nbd I have met up with you in the past near both of us. thanks. you can call and send pics to 5867467606:victory:
is it a top down viewer?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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