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I have given my husband many chances to get rid of this, as our 7month old son is about to start crawling and I want this thing OUT. After months of asking, I’m just doing it myself.

This is a 3yr old 220 gallon custom-build drilled black-backed acrylic saltwater aquarium with two overflows, an 80 gallon sump system, a closet stuffed full of maintenance supplies, and a freezer full of fish food. Over 200 pounds of live rock inside, resting on a bed of crushed coral. I know how much money we’ve spent on this (trust and believe it’s a constant source of annoyance for me), and the two new Kissel lights alone purchased three months ago were over $350 each. I don’t know what the light is in the middle, I just know it was expensive AF too. My husband is pouting, and won’t offer any help in labeling the contents, so I’m going on what I can remember. The dimensions are 72” wide, 80” tall with the top in place (the wood top can easily be removed, and/or raised in the front to allow access to the top components), and roughly 30” depth-to-wall. All power cords and strips are included, too.

Now I’m not expecting anything huge for this, but a fair offer will absolutely be considered. Or, a decent offer and a trade would also be acceptable. Maybe you have a diamond engagement ring from an ex? I don’t know, surprise me. I will not part this out. It’s take all, or nothing.

The system is established, though it’s currently experiencing an algae growth outbreak because of how much direct sunlight it’s receiving. You could easily remove the live rock affected, let the algae die off, and re-add the rock. There are MANY corals in here: some huge neon leathers, blue sympodium, neon green Frogspawn, purple cabbage, and many more.

The fish are all very healthy. There are two Pajama Cardinals, a couple very shy green Chromis, a 5” long yellow FoxFace, a 6” Blue Hippo Tang, a Green Dragonet, a Coral Beauty, a Flame Angel, an orange Clownfish, and some really weird white beak-nose fish that has a red crisscross pattern. No idea what that guy is, but he’s about 5” long and really cool looking.

You will have to move this. I am not able to help, and I’m sure my husband will be sulking in our bedroom and unwilling to watch his “baby” being dismantled. Whatever, we have an ACTUAL baby to worry about, bro.

I have additional pics I can send, too.


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