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Mangrove Growth

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I finally finished my basement sump/refugium and put a few Mangroves in the refugium section. I know they take a while to grow but I was wondering how long they take to get started? Each has a little shoot about 1/2 inch sticking out, but they seem to be the same size as when I put them in there about a month ago. I have decent lighting as my chaeto is growing at a nice pace. I have Red Mangrove Propagules. They are each roughly 5-8 inches tall.

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I've had mine since April and the only pros is a few inches of roots
I have had one for about a year and I gained two leaves and alot of root
The key to getting good nutrient export with mangroves is to give them just as much light as the corals are getting... or more.

Most put a pc bulb over them and think this is enough. It's not.
It wil keep it alive but that's about it. You wont see much growth.

Give 'em more light.
Mine are directly under a metal halide. I have a low nutrient system and that is prob why I have such slow growth
mine receive ambient light from my aquatic plant LEDs. and yes i knew that wasnt enough light from the start, lol. but they are slow growers either way.
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