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Marineland Commercial Aquariums 70gal Lobster tank

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Up for sale is an acrylic, curved front, all in one lobster display tank. Its 70 gallons in the main tank. All equipment (protein skimmer, uv sterrilizer, Chiller, temp controller, and Return pump), plumbing, and electrical built into the base. Made by Marineland Commercial Systems. Tank is a little cloudy, with a few scratches here and there. I imagine a good buffing would clear it right up. Would make a sweet Reef tank if you mounted LEDs in the Top, or would make a sweet lobster tank in the kitchen. Located in downtown Zeeland.
Asking $250 but will entertain all offers. Call 616-240-5842 ~Tylar

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New price! $200 if picked up this week!
$150 anybody? Its worth more than this in equipment under the tank.
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