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maroon clownfish trying to host a bubble tip anemone

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i got a new anemone today and tonight my clown fish will not stop bothering it...the anemone is closed up will the clown bother it to the point it will die or is this how it try's to host one i am new to this and dont want my anemone to die...please help:thank_you2:
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What is the size relation between the clown and the nem?
If the nem is small the clown could stress it till it dies.

I always make sure the nem is about 2 times as big as the clown in length.
anemone is biggerin size than the clown ...but the clown will not leave it alone ...the anemone is trying to sleep and is closed
The nem is still adjusting to your tank. It may not open up right away. How long has your system been running. What type of clown and nem?
Don't think your clown could kill it, sounds like he is just hosting it. Your nem should be better tomorrow (assuming you just put it in there). My clowns never leave their nem, even when its closed up after lights out.

How old is your tank and what lights do you have. What size?
the anemone opened today but at night closed up and yes it is new to my tank will the clown kill it....... rose bubble tip and a maroon
38 gal tank with a aqua ufo led lighting system 90w. i also have a 30 corner with the same lighting system and both have react 4 filtration systems......
Nem closing at night is normal. While a maroon is capable of beating a nem to death, if the nem is opening you should be fine. You accidentally hit a natural pairing, bubble tips and maroons almost always get together, rare is the maroon that won't hop right into a bubble tip.
I had sorta the same thing going on in my tank, the anenome finally gave in and he was in there. The only problem was, the turned real aggressive after he was established in the anenome. I got rid of the anemone and everything has been good since
Good point maroons are the nastiest clown out there, with the size to backup the attitide.
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