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MBI workshp 2012

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The MASM is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual MBI Breeder's Workshop!
The only marine aquarium conference dedicated SOLELY to captive breeding.

The Workshop will be held at the Cranbrook Institute of Science on Saturday,July 28, 2012, starting at 9am.

In an effort to support and encourage captive breeding, The MBI Council has designed a workshop that will both inspire and assist anyone that is interested in captive breeding.

This Workshop is part of the larger Marine Breeding Initiative: MBI - Marine Breeding Initiative
Marine Breeding Initiative Workshop 2012
The Workshop will begin with presentations relating to the captive breeding of marine organisms by our first speakers, followed by a break for lunch. After lunch we will finish with the final speaker.

Attendees will have plenty of "one on one" time to ask questions and discuss their own, personal, breeding efforts both during and after the event.

The Workshop will be held at the Cranbrook Institute of Science on Saturday, July 28, 2012.
Check in Starts at 8:30 am and program will start promptly at 9:00 am.
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I've announced the first two speakers already: Richard Ross from the Steinhart Aquarium and Todd Gardner form the Long Island Aquarium. The following speakers will be announced on the next two Tuesdays. :) They will be posted here first: Meetings & Events
Dan Underwood from Seahorse Source is the third speaker to be announced. Tickets and more info can be found here: Marine Breeding Initiative Workshop 2012

Speaker number four will be announced on Tuesday. :)
Hope I can make it, we are returning from our summer vacation either that day or the day before. I'm not sure which days we have the cottage yet. Would love to meet Dan.
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