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Metal Halide Lighting Bulb Help

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Ok right now I have one 400w 14k Coralvue and 2 250w 20k Radiums over the 180. I need to replace the 2 250's and I can't decide on 20k or 14k. I like the blue look but I hear the 14k's give better growth. Comments suggestions help me decide? Thanks!!
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I would like to lower my lights 1 more inch but I worry about my acrylic. I run 3 400w MH and 6 Actinics.

Can someone explain Sunburt, Ushio, Iwasaki to me. Is this a brand, or are all MH bulb one or the other?
Here is a comparision from Marine Depot, I dont buy from these guys but it does show a big difference in lighting.


I like sunburst and if I was looking for bulbs to do this for me what would I buy. Will 14Ks do this for me.

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