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Just wondering if we have anyone on the board that breeds clownfish. I would be curious to hear your experiences.

What types are you breeding?

What type of setup do you have?
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I too would be interested in hearing from other clownfish breeders. In particular, where do you get your broodstock from? I've been looking for a pair of true percs (preferably onyx) but have only come up empty.

I've got a couple of breeders setup ready to accept the clowns. One is a 20g and the other is a 12g eclipse, both plumbed into a rubbermaid sump. The sole pump in the system is a mag 5 in the sump. The broodstock tanks are each partially filled with live rock and a clay pot. One tank has a layer of crushed coral as a substrate, while the other has a layer of southdown. I'm experimenting with which substrate is prefered. The sump will eventually be filled with live rock as soon as I can find some for cheap.

So as soon as I find those perculas than I too may call myself a attempted breeder. For now I'm waiting for my first clutch of banggai babies.

well not breeding clowns yet... Waiting for my maroons to spawn.

But I've just finished my laval collector. I'm going to try my hands at raising peppermint shrimp. I already have shrimp laying eggs everyweek. So by this weekend I'll have my setup ready.

As for clowns, alot of breeders go with a barebottom and claypot method.
how did you make your larval collector greenb & are your maroons very violent or no???
Chi, Bob at Solomon Seas regularly has pairs of clownfish. I bought a pair of true percs just a couple months ago. He often has other types also, clakii's, saddlebacks, etc. 616-538-3611
I'd definitely check out Solomon Seas for clowns. I got my Maroon pair from them a couple of months ago and they are doing great.
fishboy420 said:
how did you make your larval collector greenb & are your maroons very violent or no???
No the maroons are not very violent. As for the collector I used 1/2" pvc pipes and a pop bottle. I'm going to set it up tonight and see how it works.

I can scan an image a little later today and post it, if you'd like me to.
Sorry for taking so long but here is a diagram for the larval collector I made.

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thanx for the feedback greenb, i would also like to know if you keep any other organisms with your maroons? thanx in advance for any input. i am just trying to figure out what clownfish species i will keep in my glass box... lol so far its in between white & black percs., the clarkii, the allardi, & the maroons... i like the maroons coloration the best, but i have heard so much that they are the most violent. in books & magazines especially! & few web sites. anyway i just want a couple of keepers opinion on them... thanx guys & gals
No problem.

Right now my Maroons are in my display tank. I have yellow tang, fox face and a Scooter blenny. I'm going to be putting the maroons in my Nano cube as soon as I get the light fixed.

As for being violent. They are mean and very territorial. The female is about 4" and will chase the fox (which is about 8") away. But she doesn't do any damage to any of the fish. She has started to swoosh her tail at me when my hand get to close to her area.

When I move them I plan on getting a pair of white & black percs. I think they are so cool looking.

I'm curious to know what foods you are using at what periods during larval stages?

I have been attempting breeding Maroons for the last with a pair I have had for the last 6 years. They lay eggs every 2-3 weeks. I use a clay pot method and they treat it like their very on anenome, teritorial but not mean. They have cohabitated with a variety of take mates without difficulty.

I get the hatch by moving the pot to a 10 gal which I keep with the same water quality. I can get them to hatch but have only raised 12 or so in the last year to "adulthood" Those 12 have been the most fun I've had in the hobby though........good luck!
thanx greenb, i will definately keep the maroons on my list of wants until i dig a whole lot more. i really appreciate the feedback & your time. i am so interested in the black & whites but the only place to purchase them that i found was mail order. another question if you dont mind... have you heard anything about clarkii attitudes? the reason i ask is that a guy at my local dealers said that they were way worst than maroon's but from what i have read i come to the opposite conculsion... which i understand that everyone has different experiences so of course that was just his opinion... i just wanted to hear your's if you have had experience with both of the species clarkii & maroon. if not thats cool just tryin to get difference in other's experience's. once again thanx for the help/input/feedback/opinion. its all appreciated. what size tank r u using for your display tank?
No personal experience with the clarkiis, and I've heard that the clarkiis are not as bad as maroons and I've heard vice-versa.

I'm not sure where you live but I've seen the black and whites at aquatic discoveries on 15mile and ryan.

But I'm sure any fish store would be more wiling to order them for you so you wouldn't have to pay shipping.
Re: Re: Michigan Clownfish Breeders

greenb said:

I'm curious to know what foods you are using at what periods during larval stages?

I am not breeding clowns at the moment. I would like start soon. I am just kind of investigating right now.
I would be interested in purchasing a pair of captive bred michigan clowns if anyone out there is breeding them
fishboy, I had clakii's in the past. The male decided to leap out of the tank, so I got rid of the female. But, they were very good in terms of behavior. Always out in front, they did their "mating dance," never attacked any of the other fish I had. Clarkii's are much better than maroons in my opinion. The female would take krill chunks right out of my hand...very cool. Too bad the male died. I picked up a pair of true percs, but I wish I still had the clarkii's. Hope that helped...
mattvc what other fish did you have in the tank???
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