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misc. equipment...skimmer, powerhead, overflow

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skimmer, equipment, lights

Updated list of what's left

Purple stripe dotty back, make offer.

Xenia frag $10

Seaclone protein skimmer $75

Marineland led light with moonlights' 22" with extension arms, I had it on 36" tank. $60

55 gal tank with metal stand $55

Eheim auto feeder $20 never used

10g with custom built oak stand with lid/light combo. $50

Marineland powerhead I think for the undergravel filter type and under gravel filter $5

Going to be breaking down 46 bowfront with wet dry filter plumbed together with DIY stand upgraded to 90 just finishing my sump build. Shoot me an offer. 30" t5 2 bulb.

Can text pics just let me know, phone wont let me upload pics.
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I also have an odyssea 4 bulb T5 light that I am now selling as I am picking up a new light tomorrow. Has timers and different switches for actinic and 10k. 3 of the 4 Led moon lights are out and need to be replaced. Also just replaced one of the 10k bulbs, other one will need to be replaced. didnt want to shock system replacing both. Works fine otherwise, great light Price drop to 60
maxijet 1200

Would you be willing to ship maxijet to 49008, Kalamazoo?
Bump price drop need this stuff gone
protein skimmer

Just upgraded tanks and im selling my protein skimmer. Its a seaclone 100 with maxijet 1200. Used since november and it does a good job once dialed in. $75 obo

List is updated took everything sold off.
Sold odysea t5 light. First post updated.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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