I have several items available for a saltwater reef tank

JBJ nano RL 10 gal NEW $150

Carribsea special grade sand 40lb $25 ea (6)

Hanna test kits like new $35 each

Alk, phosphate ulr, nitrate hr

Salifert test kits (mg, ph, cal) $10 ea

API Marine master test kit NEW $20

Red Sea trade colors pro test kit $45

Red Sea CA test kit $20

Radion xr 15 g4 pro like new $260

RMS xr 15 tank mount $60

Kessil flex mounts $20 ea (4)

Kessil a series mounts $45 ea (3)

Reeflink $100

Radion xr 30 g3 pro $300 ea (2)

Kessil 360 NE $175

Kessil 160 we with mount $160

Kessil 160 we like few months old $160 ea (2)

Kessil spectral controller x $75

Hanna alk reagent 3 for $25

Hydra 32 hd with hms bracket $250 (can’t get bracket off but works perfectly)

Co2 scrubber Reactor (2 chambers ) and gallon media $110

Aqua max HOB protein skimmer 1.5 with bubble diffuser $125

Lifeguard turbo media reactor (medium) like new $70

Bubble magus sp2000 protein skimmer replacement pump $40

Red Sea trace colors supplements (trace elements, iodine, and iron) $15

Polyp lab coral view lenses like new $15

Jt aquatics bristle worm trap $15

Carribsea Moani dry live Rock $2/lb

Reef octopus Diablo XS 250 protein skimmer ( 1 pump needs replaced and other pump needs new impeller) $200

Live rock $2 lb

60 gallon AIO Acrylic tank and stand with return heater protein skimmer $170

Hydra 26 hd like new (3) $225 each

Aquatic Decorations available too

Located in Waterford first come first served no holds

PM if interested