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Misc stuff Skimmer, $ slashed

the wifes getting irritated so i'm getting rid of some of the stuff lying aroud the basement.....

Myreefcreations MR-2 great condition (needs mag 18) 250.00 now 200.00

90 gal glass (tempered ???), not drilled, oak like supports,
used for sps tank 125.00 now 90.00

1lb kalkwasser powder 5.00 free with tank or skimmer purchase

1 gal b-ionic calcium buffer 25.00 free with tank or skimmer purchase

tetratest marine analyset, contains ammonia, nitrate, nitrate NO3
ph test, kh (alkalinity), and also a Seachem iodine and iodide test kit. 30.00 now 20.00

refractometer made of aluminum not plastic like new with protective case model RHS-10ATC 35.00.....SOLD

these prices are not set in stone so make an offer!!

i also have other odds and ends that i can't think of right now but i'll post them later.

heres a pic of the skimmer....


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novi tony said:
What is the rating on the MR2 and how tall is it?
heres the specs

Skimmer Dimensions

Box Dimensions 10.5x7x8
First Riser OD 6"
Second Riser OD 4"
Number of Injectors 1
Gate Valve (standard) 1 1/2"
Total Height 24.5"
Rating 300 gallons
Recommended Pump MAG 18, Iwaki 55 RLT, MAK 4
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