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Mixing firefish

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In a 65 gallon with about 40#s of LR, would it be OK to mix a purple firefish with the regular firefish?
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I saw these exact 2 fish in a system at the LFS the other day. I think it was in a 35? It was one of those ones with the filter and light and everything built into the canopy. Anyway to my surprise(i thought the were aggressive toward each other) they got along fine and even swam together. I asked the guy at the desk if he had any problems, and he said "NO. Firefish like to be kept in groups" I said "Really? I thought the were agressive toward each other and fish that looked like them?." He said "Nope. see i have 10 of them in the same tank."(a different tank.) Maybe he was lucky, but i think its worth a try.
If your ever in windsro check out discount pet. You will see the 2 fish in the aquarium.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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