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Alright I am in the market for a return pump and I have to make a decision today or tomorrow as it will determine how the sump is built. 320 gallon with 120 sump. I plan on tapping into it for Bio-Pellets and GFO/Carbon reactor.

I have narrowed it down to a Red Dragon 10 which is 2600 GPH at 88 watts. Can anything you think of beat it. I know it is expensive but looking to have the tank for the long hual and will make up for the expense down the road.

Some of the treads say that the red dragon is the same as a pond maxflow with the high price. Any opnion on this.

Also in sump or external. Personally the in sump seem quiter and do add heat which is not a benifit in the summer but does provide a benifit in the winter which cancels out the heat discussion. Plus on this volume at 88 watts its not going to do anything.
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