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MSX SWC 300 Skimmer in good used condition. $280

The ORIGINAL Xtreme protein skimmer! Now in white! Comes with TWO PUMPS, Italian made Sicce PSK-2500's. An integrated removable bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the protein skimmer. Extra-wide necks in the design to allow for more air flow. Wedge pipe output allows you to adjust the skimmer and have fine control of the water level. Two custom pin wheel impellers as well as two optional mesh wheel impellers. up to 32scfh to 37scfh of air pull per pump using custom pin wheel impeller and up to 50scfh per pump using mesh wheel impellers! These are real numbers not hyped numbers Beware of COPIES!Draws less than 25 watts of electricity per pump. Quick release neck on the collection cup - requires 1/2 inch of clearance to remove the cup. in sump skimmers only.(Air results can vary depending on individual aquarium setup) Recommended water depth 8-10 inches. 23.5" in height with a 14 1/4" X 23 1/2" footprint.

Light Bioload 690 gallons
Medium Bioload 475 gallons
Heavy Bioload 365 gallons
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