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multiple clowns in "large" tank?

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I was setting up my 72g, but the wifes wants me to get rid of the 29 if I do. So Im now thinking of something in the 150 range (72x18x24). What Im wondering is I have a pair of percs now. Id like to get a pair of Tomatos too. In a 6' tank, would 2 pairs of clowns be able to co-exist?
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probably not

We all want as many pairs as possible, I am the same way. However this is not a good idea as often clowns decide that their territory includes the entire tank and all of the anemone's. Things might be ok for a while but in the end you will have fewer clowns than you started with.

I have seen reefers with one pair and a single of another type. That seems to work more often than two pairs.
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