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Multiple Firefish?

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Everywhere I've read anything about firefish it says not to keep them together. On rare occasion I've seen some people keeping just a pair together or more in the same tank, not meeting the minimum requirements for keeping more than a single. Does this rule of not having more than one in a tank apply to the different sub-types to? Like having 1 Firefish + 1 Purple Firefish? or even for a daring person, a Helfrichi + Another Firefish?
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both the purple and the red can be kept in groups. you are trying to keep aggression on an individual or individuals down so you need to have more than one or two targets. i have seen both in groups of 5 and more in aquariums with ample room to swim and hide. if you are trying these in small tanks the group thing is a bad idea. pairs rarely work out unless they were a pair when you got them.
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