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Tank Specs: Acrylic 375 Reef Ready 96x30x30 - Set-up on February 25, 2007

Lighting: 120 3w LEDs, I am using Cree XP-G R5 Cool White LEDs and XR-E Royal Blue LEDs, 2 BoostLED Par 30 s with 3 red and 2 white LEDs in each

Circulation: I have two 6100 Tunze Stream Pumps, one on each side of the overflow connected to a controller. A Tunze WaveBox was purchased 12-25-2005. My Return was an Iwaki 40RLXT but was replaced 10-6-2011 with a Panworld 50PX-X because the iwaki was 12 years old. A second wavebox was added to the tank on June 25 2007 to help with water movement.

Filtration: The overflow goes to a 40 gallon breeder tank that holds Macro Algae and has two LED lights over it, this then flows into a 55 gallon container that is 50% full of water and this tank has 2 500w heaters in it controlled by a Ranco Temp Controller. I have about over 1000LBS of Live Rock and 2" of Live Sand in the 375. The LS and LR have been in different tanks since 1995 so they are well matured. I have mixed sand, Some live and some not, all fine grain sand. I also used Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Reef Sand from Advance Aqua Tanks, This stuff works great. It makes up 50% or more of the sand in my tanks. It is cheaper than most Live Sand. My Live Rock is a mix of Premium Fiji, Pohnpei, Marshall Island, Caribbean, and Kaelini Tonga Ultra. I added a 10 gallon above tank refugium to hold pods and cheato

Extras: PRECISION MARINE 6 X 24 CALCIUM REACTOR W/EHIM PUMP. This is used to keep my CA, Mag, and ALK up.

Additives: I use a CA Reactor for Calcium and Alkalinity (started using 12/2001). I feed frozen Mysis Shrimp once a day. I also have Cyclop-eeze that I feed a few times a week along with Nori Seaweed. I soak all the food in Selcon by American Marine Inc.
I also feed Spectrum Pellets once a day.
I use E.S.V Salt for my mix.


Hippo Tang (donated to me by a friend in 2005)
Hippo Tang (purchased 1995) (passed away Jan 2012)
Yellow Belly Hippo Tang (added March 2008)
Regal Angel (added March/2008)
Orange Shoulder Tang (April/27/2007)
Hoeven's Wrasse(9/21/2011)
Red Sea Emperor Angel (June/14/2007)
Yellow Tailed Angel (April/19/2008)
Flame Fin Tomini Tang (May/2007)
Coral Beauty (May/2007)
Male and female Orange Anthias (Lyretail) (added Feb/2008)
Male and female Mandarin (Jan 7 2010)
1 Yellow Pyramid Butterfly (Dec 20 2010)
1 Male Square Spot Anthia (June 2010)
1 Female Square Spot Anthia (June 2010)
1 Black Pyramid Butterfly (May 14 2010)
1 Yellow Pyramid Butterfly (July 6 2010)
3 Yellow Pyramid Butterfly (Feb 22, 2012)

I have dealt with Red Bugs and Acro Eating Flatworms. I am still fighting the AEFWs

A few pictures:


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So far the 5 yellow and 1 black are fine together. 3 of the yellows were just added so time will tell with them.
So far they seem fine!
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