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My first reef tank

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Hey all! I am just starting out with my first reef tank. I have a 55g freshwater, planted, guppy and snail tank that is thriving but wanted to step up my game. I purchased a 120g with stand and sump. Then bought a roughly 20-30g tank for external refugium (cause I think they look cool) and setup all my plumbing for both. I bought a new 200W heater as my LFS suggested 2 small heaters instead of 1 large Incase of failure of the 1 large. I have 2 large powerheads, a used protein skimmer from LFS (don***8217;t know the name). An RO system with a 55 gallon reservoir and 44g mixing bin. I posted in then looking to buy forums for another heater and some live rock if I can find it cheaper than my LFS. Ultimately I***8217;m looking to see what I***8217;m missing in the minds of the the master reefers. What items are essential going forward other than the obvious water, rock, and fish. And what pitfalls should I watch for that you have experienced and would save me some unforeseen headaches. Thank you so much for any input and advice.
The saltwater newb. ***x1f609;
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Par30 led grow light for the fuge works well. Main tank lighting depends on what you want to keep. If considering coral it will be an expensive part as lighting is critical.
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