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I have a bunch of aquarium related stuff id be willing to trade for just about anything..

living or drygoods.

What i have to offer:

(x2) 2x65w PC retro ballasts/endcaps. One is JBJ, one is unknown, with dual switches. JBJ has single switch.

(x2) 48" GLO dual 54w t5 fixtures work great.

5.5g AIO tank, false wall is made of ABS and hand welded by me. Turned out very nice. Includes bulkhead and all plumbing.

2x 18w PC retro with bulbs, 1x daylight, actinic is burnt out. And leds (out of a biocube) (planned to use over 5.5g)

5-10lbs BRS reef rubble, great for frags

Tons of misc HOB filters, air pumps, heaters, some small RIO pumps, microjets..random things.

I dont know if anyone is into vintage bikes but i need to some room in that department as well..(pedal bikes)

i have a 1937 Colson skiptooth rolling project bike. Includes frame/fork/truss rods/ND wheelset/57" skiptooth chain(and parts chain)/Troxel seat/Handlebars/Repop torpedo grips. (26:)

A custom huffy galaxy, 3peice crankset, 2.5" rear tire, refurbished troxel seat, Headlight Tank. Another cool ratty ride. (26")

1960's? Schwinn Hollywood girls bike, green flake. ALL original down to the tires wich still have the feelers. Great for a resto or ride as is! little to no rust and just a few scratches here n there. (26")

very snazzy ride for vintage rides, i ride it as is.. Rusty rat rod style..

Let me know what you got!
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