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My tank has arrived.

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Well I picked up my tank this past friday. I had a softball tournament over the weekend, so the tank is sitting out in the garage. Here is what I ended up with...
240 gallon all glass tank
arcylic creations wet/dry (soon to be refugium)
arcylic creations overflow boxes (2)
UV sterilizer
Ozone controller
kent ro/di unit
2 skimmers
pinpoint Ph monitor
about 400 lbs of base rock
about 300 lbs of sand/CC
Mag 18 (1)
Rio 2500 (2)

I have no idea what kind of skimmers these are. Maybe one of you knows something about them.

Pics of the new equipment
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lol i have the #2 skimmer. i modified it to run counter current and use a venturi as well as air stones to get a good foam. it works great this way. a lot better than it did stock.
pretty simply i ran it in reverse ie the out became the in and put in a venturi valve in there. then i drilled a couple of holes in the side large enought to fit air line tubing through and caulked them in place. pretty simple and way more efficient. i get no bubbles in the sump from it. good luck. and i would trade the first one to rob for the turbo floater (depending on the model of course).
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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