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Sold: Nano Cube 28 Package $250 obo

Nano Cube 28 Gallon Salt Water Aquarium Package: $175 or best offer. Trying to sell as package before I separate anything. If I decide to separate, I will update the post

Comes with Nano Cube 28, Stand, Hood/light system, and all the extras Below. No scratches in the glass that I can see. No Leaks. Pretty much everything you need besides water, sand, rock, and fish.

1. Eheim 125 Heater 3615090
2. About 60lbs of instant ocean salt
3. Ocean Pulse Duo wave maker, Model WM-01
4. (2x) Koralia nano 425 powerheads
5. Powerstrip and timer
6. Refractometer for testing salinity
7. Extra filter pads
8. Coral putty/clay for attaching coral frags to rock
9. small sand/gravel vacuum
10. Hose form a larger sand/gravel vacuum (used to drain water from tank)
11. Pipettes and turkey baster (used for cleaning sand off corals or feeding)
12. Empty 5 gallon buck to help with cleaning and storage
13. Mars Aqua LED light system, Item MZAQ-165-55LED (I used this instead of the orginal hood and light system, I have a piece of class that covers the tank top that is used with these lights) Also includes hanging hardware
14. Kent Marine Glass Scrapper
15. Net
16. Magnetic glass cleaner
17. Aqua Maxx HBO-1 Hand on Back Protein Skimmer
18. Magnetic Thermometer
19. Large container of activated carbon
20. Media bags with media for built in filter
21. Upgraded in tank filter insert (In tank brand)
22. Hood has extra LED moon lighting (4 light strips)
23. Magnetic JW tank thermometer
24. Ill include a storage tub with lid to fit everything but the tank/stand for easy transport

This system is used but still in good/great shape. The only issues are

1. The Fluorescent bulbs in the hood need to be replaced, the bulb is cracked and doesn't work. I never used the hood system because I had a piece of glass for the top and the Mars Aqua LED light system over head. The lights did work when I got it, when I plugged them in to test before putting up for sale they turned on for a second and then died, that's when I noticed the cracked bulb. Moon lighting and extra LEDs inside hood still work

2. The stand top has water damage. The filter got clogged once and the water overflowed a bit and some water sat under the tank between the bottom and stand that I did not notice, this caused the top to warp/peel. I still used the stand as is without issue, its cosmetic. You could easily cut a new top, paint it, and make it look great.

3. The tank is 95% cleaned. There is still a little sand/salt/algae. I went through it pretty good but did not want to spend an hour getting every little thing. Warm water and a razor blade can remove anything that still may be stuck.

I am willing to fill with water and go over anything with people who are serious. Please PM me with any questions or if you would like additional pics and info.

Pick up in New Hudson MI near Erwins Orchard

You can text/call with questions 734-731-7264


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